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Selling your home can be a stressful and emotional undertaking; factors that motivate the sale of a family home run the gamut from joyful ones to any number of distressing reasons. These reasons are familiar to me, both personally and professionally, and help me to be a good Listing Agent who works to understand his client's needs during the selling process.

Also the competitive environment of today's Real Estate Market demands innovative action for Agents and Sellers. Ron's service listed below gives you a strong advantage over the competitors in selling to qualified buyers. When you ask me to sell your property, you will receive the services of a real estate team with a long track record of success. My proven marketing plan has sold many homes that were previously listed with other agents and did not sell. Also by providing easy and free information, Ron has an inside track to building a professional relationship with sellers.


 Outline Of My Seller Services


I will educate you about market conditions, Earnest Money Contract and exactly what to expect during the selling process. I will also discuss what owners and agents can do to ensure that the maximum price is obtained for your property. Counsel you on the visual presentation of your home; do a room by room walk through and recommend ways to enhance marketability.


Your property will be placed on the Northwest Multiple Listing Service's computer network. The association covers the King, Snohomish, Pierce, Kitsap and Mason counties. The Northwest Multiple Listing Service is the largest listing service in the state. We will take full advantage of this system, making sure the features of your property are known by the cooperating agents.


A custom flyer will be made with a photograph of your property and a list of features and benefits. The flyer will be used by the cooperating agents to demonstrate your property to their potential buyers. The flyer will also be distributed in an effort to educate agents and buyers about your property.

Hassle Free Buyer Assistance Program

I register my buyers, so I may already have a buyer for your home. Tradition says it is at the agent's discretion as to which properties the buyers see but I do business DIFFERENTLY. I respect the buyer's choices. Buyers are registered in my database and I sent detailed information on all listings that meet their criteria not my criteria. They drive by homes at their convenience. I immediately schedule an appointment for any home they want a closer look at


I will:


Throughout the sales process, I will communicate with you weekly to keep you informed of progress and showings. I will be available to address your questions and concerns. Communicate the results of my marketing activities to you at least weekly.


The period between contract and closing is where most sales are lost. I will communicate regularly with all the parties to see that the small problems are dealt with before they have a chance to become big ones. Your interests are protected throughout the process. Be present during all inspections, and meet with the appraiser. Review inspection reports with you and negotiate repairs. Monitor time frames and completion of all contractual obligations through escrow, keeping you informed throughout the process to completion.


Prior to the closing of your sale, I will review the figures and documents with you. After closing, I will be available to make sure all your real estate needs are taken care of. Deliver your final closing documents. Coordinate relocation services to your moving destination.

For detailed information on our marketing plan for your home, please contact me.


My Marketing Plan

Since each property and client situations can differ greatly, I will customize my marketing plan to meet each individual clients. The following is an outline of our my marketing plan.


  1. To get as many qualified buyers into your home until it is SOLD.
  2. To communicate the results of our activities to you on a weekly basis.
  3. To assist you in getting the highest possible dollar value for your property with the least amount of problems.
  4. To constantly look for the best possible methods of exposing your property to the potential buyers in the market.


  1. Submit your property to the Northwest Multiple Listing Service currently servicing 9000+ members.
  2. Submit copies of your listing to our company sales staff for their waiting buyers.
  3. Prepare an informational flyer with a photograph of the property and a list of features and benefits. The flyer will be used by the cooperating agents to demonstrate the property to their potential buyers, and furthermore they will be distributed as follows:
    Available in the office of New Visions Reality LLC.
    Distributed to all local real estate offices on a consistent basis.
    Distributed through a flyer box on the sign
  4. I'll assist you in effectively staging your home so your property makes a good first impression on potential buyers. Staging your home refers to organizing the physical characteristics of your property to show off its best advantages. This also includes another important term we refer to as "curb appeal"..
  5. For Sale Signs,New Visions Reality LLC signs have proven to be effective in attracting buyers.
  6. Tour your home with our professional sales team.
  7. Fax information on your property to the top agents and offices in the Kitsap area.
  8. Suggest and advise you as to any changes you might want to make in your property to make it even more marketable to the buyer.
  9. Advertise your property on New Visions Reality LLC on the World Wide Web.
  10. Provide property information for our relocation director for all incoming buyers.
  11. Complete an Estimated Seller's Net Proceeds for each offer presented.
  12. Pre-qualify, when possible, all potential buyers to save time and energy.
  13. Have the cooperating brokers in the area tour your home.
  14. Follow up on all the sales people that have shown your home to request feedback and suggestions as to any changes that should be made to make the property more marketable to a buyer.
  15. Implement John L Scott's rotational advertising program. (Bremerton Sun, Homes & Land, Port Orchard Independent, John L Scott's Internet Site)
  16. Have our lender supply detailed financing flyers for your property.
  17. Mail a copy of your Multiple Listing for your approval, also a copy of all advertisements that have been published
  18. Create additional exposure through a professional sign, riders and key safe.
  19. Make you completely aware of all the various methods of financing that a buyer may want to use.
  20. Provide on a monthly basis for the cooperating brokers, a list of the features and benefits of your home.
  21. Update you as to the current market conditions and their effect on the sale of your home.
  22. Mail 25 letters to owner/renters in the surrounding area notifying them the property has been listed.
  23. Fax Back Follow-up - to agents showing your home, requesting feedback and offering a free lottery ticket. Agents respond at their convenience and are not harassed by phone calls.
  24. Assist you if necessary in arranging interim financing.
  25. Represent you during the presentation of all contracts by the cooperating agents and assist you in negotiating the very best possible price and terms for your home.
  26. Handle all follow up and keep you informed, after the contract has been accepted, on all mortgage, title, and other closing procedures.



My Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied with our service, you may cancel your Listing Agreement or Buyer Agency at any time.*

* Contact Ron Kimball for the details.

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