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Realtors have benefited from a new variety of homebuyer in today's market: the young, single professional. It used to be that most single men and women resigned themselves to a somewhat transient, short-term renters' lifestyle until Mr. or Ms. Right came along. That's not the case anymore. With more and more people delaying marriage until their careers have assumed the direction they wish to take -- and due to the fact that a greater percentage of young people are financially independent and quite successful -- single professionals are changing from renters to buyers.

At the same time, however, many renters are content to stay that way. Although buyers will talk your ears off about the advantages of permanency and ownership, diehard renters enjoy the freedom their lifestyles provide. From hassle-free maintenance to the record number of luxury amenities present in new properties, many renters are perfectly content to stay that way.

If you are looking to rent, the links below may be of help to you. But before you rent, have you considered buying. Many people do not realize that they can buy with little money down and when taking the tax advantages into consideration your payment can be about the same or maybe even less than renting. A few of the Homeowners' tax benefits are as follows*:

Income tax deduction of loan interest on most first and second homes.

Renters don't gain equity; nor do they lose it. Regardless of what improvements renters make to their homes -- and regardless of any outside influences that would cause the property value to increase -- renters will never gain equity.

Income tax deduction of loan origination fees.

Income tax deduction of some loan discount points.

Income tax deduction of real estate taxes.

No requirement to roll over proceeds and reinvest. Thus, homeowners have options to trade up or trade down on a tax-free basis.

Often cannot personalize their homes as they see fit. This includes such modifications as painting walls (some landlords will allow renters to paint their walls only if they paint them white again before they vacate their homes).

The new 1977 tax legislation completely replaces the "roll over" deferral of tax liability on home-sale profits. It also terminates the $125,000, one-time, tax-free "exclusion" on profits for home sellers 55 years or older.

There is now penalty-free use of up to $10,000 from IRAs for down payments. These funds can come from an IRA owned by the buyer, or their children, parents or grandparents.

HUD and VA homes are great for first time home buyers because they usually require little money down. Call me or send me an e-mail and tell me what you would like to pay a month and I can tell you if you would be able to buy.

Although home ownership has its benefits there are reasons that one would want to rent instead of buying. Home ownership involves a big financial commitment and responsibility as opposed to the flexibility of renting. Reasons to rent instead of buying are:

Work requires frequent moves.

Uncertain financial position

Renters enjoy more leisure time because owner provides management and maintenance.

The links below are mostly for apartments for rent, so if you desire a house, townhouse, or condo you may not find much. If after searching you do not find something that you desire, I can run a search on my multiple listing service to see if I can help you. Just send me an e-mail. Remember that if you do find something to come back and see me when you are ready to buy.


Free roommate Bulletin Board - this service has postings of people looking for roommates.

Rent Net - short-term furnished housing. If you only need a short-term furnished property this is a good site to check out.

Rent Net - unfurnished apartments in Seattle and Pierce, Kitsap and Mason County areas.

Apartments Search - this site allows you to search for an apartment in a specific area. this site also allows you to search for an apartment in a specific area.

Bremerton Sun real estate rentals - this site allows you to search the Bremerton Sun classifieds to help you find a property to rent. This is the only site that I have found that has houses for rent as opposed to apartments.

NAAC maintains the ONLY national database of accessible apartments, with a registration of more than 46,000 units. It's a vital resource for the disabled community and an excellent vehicle for apartment owners and managers to effectively market their accessible apartments.

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