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Realtors, do you have a client moving to my area? Send your referrals to the hard working real estate agent in Kitsap County. I pay a 25% referral fee upon closing. If this is a service you want, please fill out the form below and I will be in contact with you as soon as possible.

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Please provide the following information about the client:

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Who is the best person to talk with?

When is the best time to call?

Are they expecting our call? Are you contacting them frist?

How are you associated with the client?

Seller Questions

When does the client plan on selling?

What is the property address,or lot number or tax ID number? (if different from clients address)

What type of property are they selling? (house, condo, land, etc)

What does the client think their property is worth, Have you done a CMA on the property?

What city and state are they moving to? Have they been there before or would like a relocation guide to thearea?

Buyer Questions

When does the client plan on buying or building?

What type of property do they want to buy? (house, condo, land, etc)

What areas are they interested in? Waterfront, views or wooded lot important?

What price range will they be buying in? Have they been pre-quialfied let?

Do they have a home to sell?

Yes No

If yes, what is the status of the property? Active, pending or sold?

Do they plan on renting before buying? If so for how long?

Any additional questions or comments? What are looking for in a real estate agent?


IMPORTANT - If you do not receive a confirmation screen after pressing the Submit Form button, please print this form and mail or fax it to: Ron Kimball.

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