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Moving In

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Settling In - It's Time To Enjoy Your New Home

I doubt very much whether you need any help here - life always presents us with more things to do than we will ever have time to do, so pick the best and have fun!

If you have purchased new construction, I will be pleased to share with you the names the fine craftspeople and suppliers that my other clients and I have used in the past for blinds, window treatments, landscaping and appliances.

The last few details are more in the way of organization. Put all of the documents associated with the purchase of your new home in a secure place. You'll need to refer to them for tax purposes. Yes, they did change the law on taxing the proceeds of the sale of a home, but they can just as easily change it back. The information is also necessary in calculating your net worth and other fun enterprises. Put the deed, insurance policy and your mortgage papers in a Safe Deposit Box, keeping working copies in an easily accessible location.

Also this is the time you begin to enjoy your new city and state! There is so much to see and do. Thanks to our many lakes and mountains around the Puget Sound area there is much recreation and exploring to be done. Whether you take a week, a weekend or just a day, something interesting is close by.

And please donít forget me! Iím here to help. I would appreciate your telling your friends and family about me and my website. Iíd love to help them, too!

Thank you so much for choosing me as your Realtor!

Live long and prosper as they say...

Ron Kimball

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