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Ron's Buyer's Guide

This guide is to help your property buying experience in the Puget Sound Area or anywhere in the continental United States, if not the world. It is for use whether or not you are working with a real estate professional and designed to save you time, money, and stress.

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        Kitsap County Consolidated Housing Authority provides housing opportunities and coordination of needed social services for low and moderate income citizens in their effort to attain economic self sufficiency.

Overview of Services

Overview of Ron Kimball Buyer Service Almost everybody has a dream home. A place they like to wander through in their thoughts, choosing imaginary wallpaper and putting in imaginary skylights. But for too many people, dream homes remain just . The reality that  owning their own home never seems to become theirs.

A home is the largest single investment most families will ever make. A home is also an expression of a personality, a statement of a multitude of personal values. A home is a recognition of the tangible realities of income. A home shapes the life lived within it, allowing patterns of daily activity, demanding some, and prohibiting some.

The selection of a home from a number of possible choices involves a complex of personal and financial decisions. The purchase of a sale of a home requires that you enter into a number of legally binding contracts. The various steps should be clearly understood. Each involves you in certain obligations as well as committing others to meet obligations to you. You need to know both your duties and your rights. Let me help you find your dream home.

Gather information on a house in your price range and desired location. Talk to people who already live in the neighborhood, asking about the safety, children's play activities and adult camaraderie. If you receive information that sounds implausible, seek to verify it with others in the area or with your representative.

I want to help you make the Kitsap Peninsula or surrounding area your home. It's mine. That's one of the reasons I can provide in-depth information on all the home choices available. Plus, my many satisfied customers often give me their repeat business when they move up or relocate. This stream of properties offers something for every buyer. Because of this value network I'm able to offer the following special offer.

Free! For Ron's Internet Clients!

Internet generated buyers of homes in Ron's Neighborhood can receive one of the following free gifts, each valued at around $300 when they purchase a new home through him:
* A pre-purchase professional home inspection, to give you peace of mind that the home you're buying is in top condition.
* A one year home warranty that protects certain appliances, as well as air conditioning, plumbing and electrical systems, that fail or need service or replacement after buying your home.
* A Feng Shui consultation.

What Home Buyers Can Expect From Ron As A Buyer Agent

As your buyer's agent, I will make sure I  understand exactly what you are looking for, and do the research to find the home that meets your price, size, style, school district, neighborhood and any other criteria you require. Upon finding your perfect home, I will help you with making an offer, financing, inspections, and working with mortgage and title companies in an organized fashion, making sure no steps are missed along the way.      

What I Will Do For My Clients...

  1) Provide Relocation information (brochures, maps, etc...) for faster introduction to the area.

  2) Provide area orientation. ( See On line Relocation for a area for a preview )

  3) Review Washington State agency and disclosure laws. Provide on-going education and information for my client's protection

  4) Help analyze desires in relocating, with regard to neighborhoods, schools, commuting distance, shopping and social activities. (See On line Relocation for a area for a preview)

  5) Advise on buying and selling decisions. Provide straightforward assessment of the current market. Review your financial position to determine the price most suited to your ability to pay and your comfort level.

  6) Assist in identifying needs in selecting a new home, such as type of property, style of home, number of bedrooms and baths, and extras that make a house a home. Keep the client and myself knowledgeable of the market including new listings

  7) Provide rent versus buy analysis

  8) Assist in financial decisions, to look for a property that suits a budget. Explain financing alternatives to help you select the one best suited for you.

  9) Provide referrals to contractors, lenders, and other real estate services.

  10) Provide a thorough review of the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), to be sure you are aware of every property currently available which meets the stated needs, desires and tastes.

  11) Analysis and recommendation of improvement costs on a piece of real estate.

  12) Provide a competitive market analysis on the home of choice before an offer is written. If working as a Buyer Broker, provide advice on the specifics of the offer.

  13) Provide an estimate of the costs for settlement.

  14) Provide referrals for insurance agents and title/settlement firms.

  15) Analysis of total monthly payment for interest expense which is deductible for income taxes

   16) Coordinate any necessary inspection of the property to evaluate the major elements of the home such as: lead, moss, asbestos, pests, basement, structural, subsoil, water, septic, chimney, code compliance, etc


Services I provide during a Home Search

This Is What You Can Expect From Me During The Home Search!

1) Keep you informed on a regular basis.

2) Discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each home in relation to your specific needs.

3) Check the MLS data base and other brokers daily for new listings that meet your criteria.

4) Prepare a "tour map" and print out of all the homes meeting your criteria.

5) Keep you updated on changing financial conditions that may affect the housing market.

6) Discuss market trends and values relative to properties which may be of interest to you.

7) Introduce you to local builders if your desire is for new a new home.

8) And respond to your questions and offer assistance regarding your home purchase

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Once You Find Your Home I Will...

1) Prepare an offer to purchase agreement and explain each in detail. Plan For Flexibility - Closing dates are not written in stone. Allow for contingencies and have a back up plan. If you or the sellers need a little more time to conclude the final arrangements don't let these delays upset or frustrate you. These types of circumstances are not uncommon in a real estate transaction. .

2) Provide you with copies of all the documents involved in the purchase agreement and financing.

3) Assist you in determining the appropriate financing and help you select the best financial institution to handle your mortgage.

4) Accompany you to the loan application if you so desire

5) Provide you with a loan application checklist

6) Provide you with an estimated cost of closing or settlement, including points, title insurance, appraisal, credit reports, etc., prior to the loan application

7) Follow through with your loan officer to ensure the process is as smooth as possible

8) Assist in securing interim financing if your present home has not yet sold

9) Coordinate any necessary inspection of property to evaluate the major elements of the home such as: lead, asbestos, pests, basement, structural, subsoil, water, septic, chimney, code compliance, etc.

10) Do a Final Walk Through - Visit the property after all furnishings have been moved out to be sure there are no surprises. Be absolutely positive the property was left exactly as you had agreed upon in the contract. Often times, things are unintentionally overlooked that could have been spotted in a final walk through.

10) Attend settlement and help explain all closing documents. After closing, I will be available to make sure of all your interests are protected.

Real Estate Information

Here is a list I have gaiter over the years from books and articles to help someone to buy any type of real estate property

1. Examine your motivation to buy.

2. Do as much groundwork and investigation of the property as possible yourself. Get market states and sales records for the general area you are considering buying in so you know how things (prices, conditions, list to selling price ratios) stack up in your neighborhood. Allow yourself room to move inside your contract; ideally all points of negotiation are settled before both you and a seller sign your final agreement AND there will be many small issues that will arise inside of your transaction that you may need assistance with from the seller. Beware the seller that makes no concessions and will not compromise in common sense and fair ways.

3. Trust your own opinions and feelings about the buying process, the property, and the people you are working with.

4. Seek counsel from qualified real estate professionals and inspectors; evaluate advice carefully. Take any opinion with a grain of salt; everyone has his or her own agenda. We all (people and professionals - ideally of the same species) make mistakes and can miss details; it is crucial that you ask all and any questions that you have no matter how small or stupid you may think the question may be. Do not be afraid to point out details that you think someone in your employ may have missed and ask about them. Remember that the professionals are still (hopefully) learning, too.

5. Obtain seller financing whenever possible; you'll probably save a fortune. Shop for rates.

6. Think of the long term, short term, big and little "picture."

7. Visualize failure (not getting the property you want or getting it and then finding out that it's just not going to work) for worst-case-scenario exploration, then create your success.

8. Talk with the neighbors, take your time, work with people around whom you're comfortable.

9. Have fun.

10. Expect the unexpected.

11. Consider (your) resources, population growth, local, regional, and global trends.

12. Be prepared to take risks.

13. Remember: you are only in control of yourself - or not - and there are many conditions and circumstances in the buying process completely out of your control; accept these and sleep better.

14. Create and maintain goodwill.

15. Ask lots of questions.

16. Choose your service providers carefully.

17. Find all the boundaries and corner markers of your property, crawl around under the house, move stuff away from the walls, notice details; open every door, window, cupboard, attic, cabinet and look inside carefully. Turn on every switch, check every electrical outlet.

18. Specify in writing exactly what personal property is included with your purchase and make sure that it's there before you close your transaction.

19. Encourage the seller or an agent to purchase a home warranty for you; it will save everybody involved in the sale much worry.

20. Examine all documents very carefully and be sure that language cannot be interpreted to your disadvantage.

What I'd Like You to Do First

        Set a Bookmark right now for this page, in the "Bookmarks" or Favorites depending on your browser because after you've looked around some more on the web, you may want the help of a highly experienced Realtor.

        Jot my email address down . If you forgot it's

        Go to buyer form and fill it out

        Fill out the blanks in the form that you find there. Most of the form time all you need is to click your mouse. Click on "Submit" and that will send the form to me.

        When I get your input, I'll answer you with as much information that I can by email. Once we communicate further, I'll set about researching the local marketplace so that if you're buying, you can quickly know the the area we want to buy your home in, the price range and what features the home has.

Useful Links for BUYERS and SELLERS of Real Estate

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It has jurisdiction over about 15,000 types of consumer products, from automatic-drip coffee makers to toys to lawn mowers

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 We are a non-profit 501(c)3 community development corporation and U.S. Department of Treasury Community Development Financial Institution that promotes affordable homeownership opportunities through three (3) key interrelated program areas:  homebuyer education and financial planning, buyer purchase assistance loan underwriting and origination, and new home construction. the dominant on-line mortgage lender that is already generating billions in annual mortgage originations and is expected to be the on-line mortgage category's first IPO.

 Guide to Home Loans

 Home Ownership in Washington

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 Ownership-Your Rights

As a result of requests from REALTORSģ, the Washington Center for Real Estate Research (WCRER) has translated three of the most frequently requested real estate brochures into the native languages of Washington's primary immigrant groups. The Agency Law pamphlet required by state law, as well as the Consumer Guide to Real Estate Practices in Washington and Residential Seller Property Disclosure in Washington, have been translated into five foreign languages, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean

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 Washington Homeownership Center - Your First Step to Homeownership  

 Washington Homeownership Center is an unbiased, community-sponsored, non-profit agency that knows the programs, products and people throughout Washington State that can help make your dream of homeownership a reality. 

 Washington State Housing Finance Commission  

 Fair Housing: Itís the Law-Washington State  



There are three major credit-reporting agencies and you are entitled to one free credit check a year. Equifax at: or Trans Union at charge about $8.00 or has an online for $8.00 or a combination of Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union for $29.95.


Mortgage Auction, which allows lenders to bid head-to-head for individual consumers home loans at no cost or obligation to the consumer


Planning the actual moving requires time to arrange for a mover, sorting what is going to the new home and what is going to be sold, discarded, or donated. Proper packing is important to prevent damage to your valuables. For suggestions and a moving estimate, go to


According to the Atlas Van Lines 1995 Survey of Corporate Relocation Policies, 32 percent of the companies surveyed stated that they now relocate individuals who have disabilities. If you, or someone in your family, is among the group of disabled people, your moving preparation will need some unique considerations.


Comprehensive and updated insurance coverage makes very good sense whether you are moving or not. However, a relocation situation is the perfect opportunity to critically evaluate your personal property/homeowner's insurance policy and update the coverage as necessary. If you have married, had a child (or two), changed employers, deleted a dependent or been divorced, your policy will require revisions. When it comes time to pack and ship your household goods, you want to be sure there is adequate insurance coverage in case of loss or irreparable damage during the move.

HOME IMPROVEMENTS matches consumers with local contractors and designers through a national database of over 630,000 contractors. The retailer Home Depot is a great source for home improvement advice and ideas. To get started, choose from hundreds of great How-to projects, go to the following links


Home Maintenance & Repair from MSU which provides on-line matching of contractors, architects bidding on consumer remodeling and design jobs

Indoor Air Quality Web Site

Concern about indoor exposure to mold has been increasing as the public becomes aware that exposure to mold can cause a variety of health effects and symptoms, including allergic reactions. This document presents guidelines for the remediation/cleanup of mold and moisture problems in schools and commercial buildings; these guidelines include measures designed to protect the health of building occupants and remediators.

Getting a Loan

Thanks to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency you can dig up all the types of environmental data by just typing in your Zip code at this great place. With one click you can get a list of all the areas of pollution, hazardous waste sites, and other regulatory information for your area.

RE glossary, dictionary

How Much Is Your Monthly Payment?
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Here's a handy place where you can quickly check from over 20 million U.S.A.. home purchase price records covering 50 top metropolitan areas in the U.S.A.. covering more than 75 percent of home sales in the country. You can search by single address, by street, or by price range. You will immediately see the purchase price, sale date, and address of properties (both residential and commercial) matching your search criteria. Neat--quick--and free!

Locating the Right House

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The Federal Emergency Management Agency -- FEMA

FEMA, works to reduce risks, strengthen support systems and help people and their communities prepare for and cope with disasters regardless of the cause.


You can use the U.S.A.. Postal Service or for a small fee you can use .

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