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An Overview of the Buying Process

Buying Process

"How do you eat an elephant?" Asked the student. "One bite at a time!" answered the teacher.

The buying process is much the same. Lots and lots of tasks, all of which need to be completed, in order to have a smooth and proper real estate closing. Hopefully, I can explain the "pieces and parts" to you, so you too, can have a better understanding of the whole picture and a truly successful closing.

Step 1 The Consultation

The first meeting or consultation is an important one for several reasons. There are many differences in the various areas that comprise the " Kitsap Peninsula” and the West Puget Sound Area " This initial meeting helps you to get a familiarity with the area, its "look", its views, its various ferry locations and their commutes to Seattle, its amenities, etc. and where they are located in relation to your job. Also be prepared for a good interview. Your Realtor needs to understand your wants and needs for your property.I have prepared fill out response forms to help you answer the questions most pertinent in a property search. Click here to go to that form and fill it out for me if you have a chance before are first meeting.

Buyer Agent I will go over the role of a Buyers Agent, and the representation it entails. I also provide you with a pamphlet that goes over Washington State Agency as well. Next, I'm going to ask you a lot of questions to help us get a picture of what your wants, needs and finances are. This takes about 30 to 45 minutes.

I give each client at this consultation , street maps and local information that is very helpful in navigating the Kitsap Peninsula. It also provides the buyer a scope of the size of the cities and where each community is located in the Kitsap Peninsula area.

Organization is the key to finding the home you want while spending the least amount of time and energy. Make a list of everything you want in a home . Is a master suite important? How many bathrooms? What about closet space? Do you need a yard for the kids and pets to play in? How about a fireplace or a bay window? Do you prefer a rambler or multiple-story house? Are schools or access to transportation important? What about views?

If the research isn't done beforehand of homes we'll be viewing, then this is the time to do it together at my computer at my office. Clients can see for they whether or not the criteria they have (or wish to have) actually is available. If not, we can revamp to come close! At this meeting you'll be asked to decide between two different systems for finding a home.

The first is called "Window Shopping". With this system I provide you with ALL of the photos, addresses and directions of those homes that match your criteria. This way you can drive by the homes first. Many people like this system because they get a feel of the homes location and condition without having me present. To ensure an enjoyable process while looking, I provide a home information worksheet to put down all the important features of the home.  When a home of interest is found, I am contacted for entrance into the house. Also during this time review what the New Visions Reality LLC site and Newspaper Ads can provide you during the search for your new home.

The second is called "Home Driving Tour.” This is a more traditional system for house hunting. We will go out looking together for homes for you. We will narrow the selection down to 4-6 of the "cream of the crop" according to your criteria and my experience of previewing the homes before our tour. A driving tour also helps you to communicate more knowledgeable with me so I can better understand what your needs are. On a predetermined day we will go out together to preview the homes we've selected. We arrive and we look at properties. As you are looking, I am pointing out items (both positive and negative) that you might not notice. I encourage all of us to take notes, as these will be used when we write-up an offer.

Keep good notes as we look at homes. After a while, it becomes difficult to remember which features belong to what home. I can provide you with a form and rating system to help you compare homes. Some buyers make audiotapes as they go along.

Be observant when considering a new neighborhood. What pace of life characterizes the neighborhood? Is this where you want your kids growing up and playing? What about the noise level? Now is your chance to be a detective, figuring out everything you can about the neighborhood in which you may be living.

Check distances to:




·Shopping facilities

·Friends or relatives


·Community Centers

Generally, we may look at 6 to 8 homes. That list then gets shortened to a couple, or if we cannot find the right property, we occasionally amend the criteria. We can then go back and even more thoroughly examine the property. If we have not done this before, this definitely would be the time to measure for oversized furniture and pay special attention to possible inspection items. As we are re-examining the property we will discuss how we want to shape our offer and what bargaining strategy will be used.

Remember, nobody buys a whole house. We all have one or two areas that are the most important. When we find those, you get the rest of the house for free. Well...almost

Once you selected a home I also go over what it takes to present an offer, such as having a pre-qualification letter to accompany it, what our contract consists of, and the other "Steps to your Home". Even if a buyer is a seasoned one, having sold multiple properties in the past, if he/she is coming from another area, terminology and methods may be different here.

Useful Links for your new home search

iPlace.com Plenty of information and the tools you need to make an educated decision. Before you buy your next home, check out iPlace to find community profiles, school reports and so much more. A great tool.

NearMyHome.com This web resource allows the consumer to research environmental issues associated with the region, city or local area around your potential home. These factors can have a negative impact on property values and should be researched before you buy.

MonsterDaata.com Another web site packed with information for the real estate consumer. Their top ten lists are very interesting and you'll find many unique reports. There are relocation calculators and neighborhood profiles, so check it out and be more informed.

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